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1991 Honda acty HA-3 RWD


Right hand drive of course
“Fresh paint wind bedliner!!!”
Most basic maintenance done after import
Mst time attack wheels
Custom exhaust set up that shoots flames
No rip on original seat and no damage on dash or cluster.

New things updated: March 19th 2022
New wiper arms and motor
New cap and rotors
Added tongue box in the back for locked storage
Checked seals
New headlights
Coolant flush as well as coolant hose replaced

New things updated: March 21th 2022
Listed as a mechanic special
Headgasket has slight leak, needs work
Recommend: Replacement👆

🤽‍♂️IN NO HURRY TO SELL😂😂😂😂🤡no clown offers.
🚀I also import these from Japan for much cheaper!!
🍃Great daily in Miami, I will be importing more if you guys want a stock one. Which is much cheaper🤷🏻‍♂️

#jdm #honda #acty #rhd

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