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1991 Nissan 240 SX Fastback 2D


Considering selling my s13 hatch.

Like most of these cars, the modification list is very extensive. I’ll sum it up, and if you come with cash I’ll go into every little detail with you.

-RB25det motor making 483whp/381tq on e85
-full suspension (apexi coilovers)
-2 year old paint job (done right)
-z32 brakes all new (5 lug)
-kansei wheels
-stock LSD
-power windows
-coverlay dash cover and s14 seats
-minimal rust
-hidden hydro handbrake
-gktech rcc angle kit
-type x kit
-type x tail lights
-double din and aftermarket speakers

I’m obviously missing a lot of stuff, but just about everything on this car is new & improved.

-PS just went out (could be rack)
-couple dents and scratches
-no ac compressor so NO AC

Car runs strong, sounds phenomenal, and looks great, but it is a 1991 Nissan. If you find a cleaner one for less than 25k, I’d be surprised.

NO TEST DRIVES UNLESS 25k cash is in my hand.

Not really after a trade, as I plan to sell for a c6 z06.

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