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1992 Honda Prelude Si Coupe 2D


send me offers...PLZ TEXT
car treated me super good for over a year that i had it then i decided to upgrade the intake manifold and injectors and i haven’t been able to figure out the proper fuel to air ratios but i really don’t have the time or money anymore so yea here it is.
130k to engine 230k to chassis

- skunk 2 pro intake manifold
-fic fuel injectors
-aem fuel rail
-aem fuel regulater (with gauge)
-tuned ecu (i also have the stock one i will give)
-plm headers (nothing too good)
-aem fuel pump

-nrg bucket seat (only have one but i have both the brackets)
- sparco seat belts
- nrg quick release
- nrg shift knob (recommended changing)
- harness bar

- just a small body kit nothing crazy you can see it in the pics
- the car is wrapped but has oem black paint underneath
- i also have the stock front bumper i’ll give you and some other aftermarket fenders
- suspension is just on lowering springs
full swap was done by jdm orlando (i have receipts)

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