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2001 Honda S2000


Testing the waters on selling my 01 s2000. I’ve had this car for almost 5 years and has countless hours in it. Car runs perfectly without a single problem. I boosted the car last year and have put maybe 500 miles on it since. Just don’t have the time to take it for drives anymore. When boosting the car the motor was built to handle a reliable 700hp. Right now its tuned on both 93 and e85. On a conservative tune at the moment making 470whp at 14psi. Never had a single issue with this car as I’ve always been very particular with everything I’ve done to it. Car was recently taken to the body shop as well and had a lot of bodywork and a full paint job done. Car has a been ceramic coated as well.

Interested in trades possibly for a 4 series or corvettes

Tried to include as much as I could remember in the pictures for details

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